Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meade Street: Alek & Stefania's Home

Aleksandr and Stefania Prokopowicz began renting the third floor of the three-decker at 2 Meade Street shortly after she and their three children, Adolf, Pauline, and Joseph, arrived in the United States in 1913. The couple's two other children, John and Josephine, were born in this home. The family resided here until late fall 1941.

In the black-and-white photo taken in 1940, Stefania, now widowed, stands in front of her home with a neighbor's child. The color photos show 2 Meade Street ca. 2003. The home is a classic three-decker with a flattened bay and front and side porches; it is sided with brick on the west.

Meade Street is one of several densely built residential streets bounded by Lafayette and Lamartine streets in the heart of the Island district. The Prokopowiczes lived near the corner of Lafayette, a street once bustling with small groceries, taverns, dentist offices, barber shops, other businesses, and the Polish National Alliance hall. At the other end of Meade Street stood Lamartine Street School, Worcester Fire Department Hose Company No. 7, and Worcester Police Station No. 2.

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