Sunday, November 21, 2010

Michal Prokopowicz marriage record 1886

Michal Prokopowicz of Poleckiszki (Ejszyszki parish) and Maryanna Kurowska of Pohorodno were married
16 February 1886 in the Ossow parish church, north of Lida. 
Iwan Szwed is listed among the witnesses.  His name appears in column three, line 15.

The family surname of Michal's mother, Rozalia, puzzles me. Any interpretations? 
In other records for this family, it is listed as Janonis (with varied endings).


  1. Rozalia Chadyszowna i.e. family name Chadysz. No obvious connection to Janonis. Recording error?

  2. Roman, dziekuje! A recording error is certainly possible. Or Chadysz might have been Rozalia's mother's maiden name. Or maybe Rozalia Janonis died and Martin married another woman named Rozalia Chadysz? In one or two earlier Polish-language records for this Prokopowicz family, I came across the surname spelled Kadysz among witnesses at events. I'll have to check my database this evening. Thank you again!