Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beniakony / Bieniakonie & Butrymańce (Słownik Geograficzny translation)

Bieniakony, a gmina in Lida district, numbers 237 houses, 3,305 peasants of both sexes.  Gmina administration in the town of Bieniakonie.  The gmina encompasses 4 rural precincts: Gajcieniszki, Wronowo, Bolcieniki, and Sokoleńszczyzna, and numbers 49 villages.

(Słownik, v. I, p. 133)

See Beniakony.  Town, Lida district, in the 2nd administrative precinct, property of Pań Rymsza, at a distance of 47 wiorsts from Wilno, 43 from Lida.  Inhabitants, of both sexes, total 63.  The wooden Catholic parish church of St. John the Baptist was founded in 1634 by Jan Czapliński.  Catholic parish, Raduń deanery, has 4,370 faithful.  Branch in Butrymańce.

The Bieniakonie rural precinct, Lida district, has a population of 2,840, that is, 1,436 male and 1,404 female. The land in the district is flat, with woods and marshes, a great deal of fallow [land]; rivers Solcza and Żyżma.

(Słownik, v. I, p. 218)

(See v. I, p. 133, Beniakony, and v. I, p. 218, Bieniakonie).  A small town on the River Solcza, Lida district, 2nd police precinct, Bieniakonie gmina, 43 wiorsts from Lida, 47 wiorsts from Wilno, 63 inhabitants (in the year 1865).  Belongs to the Gajcieniszki estate of Rymsza.  Catholic parish church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, built of wood in the year 1634 by Jan Czapliński, rebuilt in 1810.  Parish, Raduń deanery, 4,808 faithful; branch church in Butrymańce; gmina administration, water mill.  Lies near the border of Oszmiana district.

(Słownik, v. XV, p. 144)


2.)  Village, Lida district, has a Catholic church, St. Michael’s, built of wood by Baron Schrotter, branch of Bieniakonie [parish].

(Słownik, v. I, p. 484)


  1. Our families' lives seem to cross at every other step, Barbara! Take a look at my blog post from 11 Dec 2006:


  2. Hi Steve! Finally catching up a bit ... it seems our families are connected to two distinct villages named Butrymonys, yours from Troki powiat and mine from Lida powiat. That must have been a bit confusing for those families, once they were in Worcester.