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Wawiorka (Slownik Geograficzny translation)

Note: Slownik uses the spelling “Wawerka” and calls “Wawiorka” erroneous, but “Wawiorka” seems to be the generally preferred spelling elsewhere.

Erroneously “Wawiorka.”

1.)  Church-owned village, called a small town, Lida district, in the 4th police precinct, Myto gmina (formerly Wawerka), Wawerka rural district, at 21 wiorsts [approx. 21 km] from Lida and 14 wiorsts from Wasiliszki, has 4 houses, 67 Catholic inhabitants. According to information from 1881, it has 73 inhabitants; belonged to Pietuchowa (formerly, to the treasury).

It possesses a Catholic parish church, dedicated to St. Francis, built with brick walls in 1840 by Samuel Kostrowieki, in place of a former wooden one originating in the year 1413. The Catholic parish, Raduń deanery, has 5,692 faithful. Chapel in Dylewie; formerly, there were also chapels in Misiewicze [Mosiewicze], Lebiodce, Radziwoniszki, Stankiewicze, and Papiernia.

Within the composition of the rural precinct come the villages Abramiszki, Brzozówka (Berezówka), Dragucie, Gordziejowce, Lesanka, Markucie, Michnowce, Mikuty, Mosiewicze, Olchówka, Piaskowce, Radziwiłowce, Radziwinowce, Sielachy, Siewruka, Smoloki, Szorkina, Wawerka, and Zaniewicze, as well as the szlachta neighborhoods of Czaple and Kołomyckie; all in all, in the year 1865, 332 “revision souls” [were] enfranchised peasants and 85 were treasury peasants.

2.)  Wawerka, folwark, in that very place, at one wiorst from the small town of Wawerka, has 10 Orthodox inhabitants, 76 Catholics, and 13 Jews; property of Butkiewicz.

3.)  Wawerka, folwark, in that very place, at 28 wiorsts from Lida and 12 wiorsts from Wasiliszki, has 13 Orthodox inhabitants, 28 Catholic; property of Znamierowski (according to the list of 1865, Sumorokow).

(Słownik, vol. XIII, p. 148)

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