Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dziembrów (Slownik Geograficzny translation)

Dziembrów, Dziembrowo, in Russian Diembrow, a town in the western part of Lida district, on the Spusza River, near the border of Grodno gubernia (province), in the 3rd police office, in the vicinity of Ostryna gmina, at 66 wiorsts [approx. 66 km] from Lida, at 18 from Szczuczyn, possessing an Orthodox parish church.  The Dziembrow Orthodox parish, in the Szczuczyn deanery, counts 1,556 male parishioners, 1,797 female.  From the year 1864, there was here a class-5 Catholic parish of the Lida deanery. Dziembrów folwark [farmstead] had in 1866 one house, 62 inhabitants, and the town had 19 houses, 151 residents.

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