Saturday, January 16, 2010

Osowo (Słownik Geograficzny translation)

2.)  Otherwise Ossowo, church village, called a small town, on a river of the same name, Lida district, in the 2nd police precinct, Aleksandrowa gmina, Horodna [Horodnia] rural district, at 14 wiorsts from the gmina, 19 wiorsts from Lida, and 71 wiorsts from Wilno, has 4 houses, 60 inhabitants, namely, 27 male and 33 female (in the year 1864, 22 revision souls); belongs to the state treasury rectory of Osowo.

There is here a Catholic parish church dedicated to St. Jerzy (George), wooden, endowed in 1666 by Kazimierz Frąckiewicz and Ogiński, rebuilt in 1732.  Catholic parish, Raduń deanery, has 2,902 faithful; chapel in Horodna.  The surrounding area is somewhat hilly, few forests, many meadows; flowing are the Rivers Dzitwa, Żyżma, Osówka, and Pohorodenka.

3.) Village, Lida district, in the 1st police precinct, Bielica gmina, Tobola rural precinct, at 5 wiorsts from the gmina and 31 wiorsts from Lida, has 21 houses, 231 inhabitants, (in the year 1864, 98 revision souls); belongs to the estate of Stoki, Prince Wittgenstein.

(Słownik, v. VII, p. 653)

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