Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trokiele (Słownik Geograficzny translation)

1.)  Treasury folwark, Lida district, in the 1st police precinct, Żyrmuny gmina, Dworzyszcze rural precinct, at 17 wiorsts from Lida, near the road from Lida to Dziewieniszki, has 77 inhabitants, a Catholic parish church, distillery, brick-kiln, and tavern.  The property was formerly Jesuit.  Catholic parish, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, built of wood in the year 1500 by Marcin Gasztołd.  Catholic parish, Lida deanery, 3,093 souls.  Branch in Dworzyszcze.  Formerly there was a chapel in Gimbuty.

2.)  Peasant zaścianek, Lida district, in the 2nd police precinct, at 39 wiorsts from Lida and 22 wiorsts from Ejszyszki, 1 house, 6 Catholic inhabitants.

(Słownik, v. XII, p. 493)

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