Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nieciecz (Słownik Geograficzny translation)

Note:  Entry # 3 refers to the Nieciecz that is the seat of a Catholic parish. The first two entries refer to other Lida district locations with this name.

1.)  Government-owned village on the Nieciecz stream, Lida district, in the 1st police precinct, Lida gmina, Dabrowa rural precinct, at 8 wiorsts [approx. 8 km] from Lida, along the road to Lipniszki, 17 houses, 181 inhabitants (87 "revision souls," or male serfs).

2.)  Nieciecz, szlachta neighborhood on the Nieciecz stream, in that very place, 2 houses, 33 inhabitants.

3.)  Also called "Zadworczany," folwark and village, in that very place, Bielica gmina, Tobola rural precinct, at 9 wiorsts from the gmina and 27 from Lida, along the road to Slonim, 21 houses, 275 inhabitants. In Nieciecz there is a Catholic parish church, dedicated to Jesus Christ, built from wood in 1715 by the hunter Kołuszewski, and renovated in 1837. Catholic parish, Lida deanery, has 1,701 faithful. Formerly there was a chapel in the churchyard burial ground. The estate of Nieciecz belongs to Świeżyński.

(Słownik, vol. VII, p. 50)

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